Water Treatment

At AFC we believe that good water is essential to your health and home. That is why we offer a full range of water testing, water filtration systems and water treatment services. AFC deals exclusively with Water-Right systems – a trusted brand that specializes in water conditioning, whole home water filtration systems, point of use water filtration, ultra-violet and cartridge filters. Testing is where the whole process starts. We offer FREE water testing that covers:

  • Hardness, pH Levels, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Particulates, Sulfides

New well testing is also available which additional tests for:

  • Fluoride, Chloride, Sulfides, Sodium, Uranium, Bacteria, Arsenic

Once your test is returned we will analyze it and make a suggestion for treatment (if need be). Curious what your test will say? Check out this handy Water Analyses Interpretation guide to see what we will be looking for. Already have a water filtration system? We can help with that too! Keeping your water treatment system working properly is our goal. Call us today to set up a service appointment – (207) 623-3851. Also, be sure to ask about our Water Treatment Home Comfort Plan.

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