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Since 1988 AFC has been providing Propane to businesses and homes in Central Maine.  With over 60,000 gallons of storage in Augusta and the experience to back it up, choosing AFC is a smart, reliable choice.

Propane is efficient, safe, reliable and versatile—that’s why our customers use it to heat their homes, hot water, fireplaces and even swimming pools. We also install and provide fuel for gas ranges, clothes dryers, barbecue grills and whole-home generators.


Propane fueled appliances such as fireplaces, dryers, water heaters and more, deliver homeowners better value when compared with most other energy sources, while reducing overall energy costs.


Protecting our families and the environment is something more and more of us are thinking about these days.  Choosing Propane is a great way to do both!  Studies from organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency reveal that propane is an attractive option for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions in nearly any application.  Giving off less than half the amount of greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions produced by electricity generated from the U.S. grid, diesel or gasoline.

Simply put, measured by carbon footprint, propane is one the greenest energy sources available.


Did you know that weather-related power outages have actually doubled since 2003 – on any given day, an average of 500,000 Americans have no power?

Propane is a reliable way to ensure that your family and home are safe and comfortable no matter what.


Propane offers many benefits including super-efficient furnaces, unlimited hot water, cooking stoves, and much more. Using propane for appliances, both indoors and out gives you a lot more versatility than other fuel sources. Plus, virtually all of the Propane in America is Made in America.

New AFC customers are eligible for up to $100 instant credit (with credit approval – based on annual usage).  Customers also enjoy FREE tank sets, gas checks, no rental fees and automatic delivery.  Contact us today to learn more!

As a full-service company we not only offer propane services, but also a full range of heatingplumbingcooling and electrical services, too. Free in-home estimates are also available. Just another benefit of becoming an AFC customer.

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