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Price Protection – Sign up today!

AFC gives you a range of choices for protecting your price on heating fuel and for controlling your winter fuel bills. That’s especially important during long, cold winters when prices can be volatile. 

Here are our three most popular pricing options: 

  • EasyPay – This option lets you spread the cost of your heating fuel over a number of months. Make easy monthly payments and get $.05 off market price when you get your delivery.

Available Next Fall:

  • Pre-Buy – You can pre-buy a season’s worth of heating fuel at an affordable price. 
  • EasyCap – Price Protection Plans offer customers a convenient way to budget their fuel spending while also offering the ability to CAP* a price. Gives you the protection that during climbing fuel prices, you are not charged higher than your CAP price, but assures you if prices are below CAP price, you receive the lowest price. This remains our most popular option. Make easy monthly payments and get $.05 off market price OR pay your capped price when you get your delivery, whichever is lower. * CAP fee applies.

No matter which option you choose… you win!

Why is there a fee for EasyCAP?  Our suppliers charge us a fee for “downside protection” that we then pass along to our customers who choose the EasyCAP option. The fuel you have contracted with us will be there for you when you need it, at or below the price you contracted for. The added bonus of the CAP*, if the price drops lower than the price you locked in, you pay the lower price*. This remains our most popular option.

Not sure which plan might be right for you?  For assistance, check out our blog. Or better yet, give us a call. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be glad to talk with you about all the options we offer – 623-3851.

Price Protection Plan sign-ups are available now!

Price Protection for #2 Heating Oil


Price Protection for Kerosene


Contact us today to find out the best options for your Propane usage.


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