Condensing Gas Premium Plan

Our CONDENSING GAS PREMIUM PLAN covers the most common controls, burner replacement and fuel supply parts as well as many parts for your warm air and/or hot water systems and:

  • Priority same-day service for emergencies
  • Over 50 repairs and/or part replacement are fully covered
  • 10% discount on any AFC repair service, up to $200 per year
  • AFC’s Comfort Guarantee on parts and labor
  • 12-Point Precision Heating Tune-up:
    1. Perform electronic calibration and efficiency test.
    2. Inspect, clean and adjust burner.
    3. Inspect, vacuum heat exchanger and flue pipe.
    4. Check thermostat operation.
    5. Check gas flow and water pressure.
    6. Lubricate and test motors, bearings, fans, zone valves and circulator pumps.
    7. Inspect and adjust safety and operating controls.
    8. Check blower motor and belt.
    9. Inspect all wiring and connections, repair as needed.
    10. Replace air filter.
    11. Test carbon monoxide levels.
    12. Inform customer of equipment condition.  Recommend any necessary repairs.

With AFC’s  CONDENSING GAS PREMIUM PLAN the following parts will be repaired or replaced at no extra charge, should the parts become defective during normal use or due to routine wear and tear:


Altimeter Gauge
Blower Circuit Board
Burner Mount Relay

Circulator Relay
Emergency Switch
High Pressure Regu.
Low Pressure Regu.

Temperature Gauge
Thermal Switch
Thermostat (manual)
Toggle Switches

Warm Air System

Air Filter (one set per year)
Air Regulator
Air Stat
Blower Bearings

Blower Complete
Blower Fan
Blower Fan Belt
Blower Motor

Blower Pulley
Blower Shaft
Blower Wheel
Fan Control
Limit Control

Burner Replacement Parts

Burner Capacitor
Burner Fan
Burner Housing Assembly
Burner Master Control
Burner Motor

Burner Range Gasket
Burner Switch
Buss Bar Transformer Leads
Ignition Leads (cable)
Ignition Transformer Gaskets

Ignition Transformer Terminal
Ignition Wiring
Low Voltage Wiring
Low Voltage Transformer

Hot Water Systems

Automatic Air Vents (boiler)
Automatic Water Feeder
Bearing Assembly
Circulator Complete
Circulator Coupling
Circulator Impeller

Expansion Tank
Extrol Tank
Feed Valve
Flow Control Valve
Heating Pipes (exposed)

Low-Water Cutoff Switch
Pop Safety Valve
Purge Valve
Relief Safety Valve

Zone Valve Power head
Zone Valve Relay
Zones Valves*

* Service contract includes up to three zone valves and three circulators. Four or more zone valves or circulators require an additional fee.

Parts listed are subject to availability from their manufacturer. Parts not listed above are subject to charge.

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