Evaluating your Heating System

If your equipment is more than 20 years old and breakdowns have become frequent, or your latest repair required replacing a major part, it’s a good sign that your system is hitting the end of its life span. Don’t wait until Fall to assess your system. Certain tests can help our technicians figure out how much heat your home loses in the winter, and now is the best time to perform those evaluations.

Today’s equipment is much more efficient, saving homeowners as much as 20%, 30%, and even 40% each year.

On average, the energy efficiency level for new oil heating systems is in the mid-80% range, but to make sure your system performs to its rated efficiency level, it’s critical that your heating system installation is done properly.

AFC employs certified oil heat technicians that are trained to make sure that your system is sized properly for the needs of your home. After determining how much power your home’s heating system needs, they can then expertly install your new boiler or furnace to guarantee you years of comfort and energy savings. If you’re ready to explore some heating options for your home, AFC will be happy to help. Consider making an appointment now to set a plan in motion before AFC’s busy season is underway.

Call today and ask about our Heating System Installation Specials!

In addition to offering expert installation, maintenance, and repair services, one more AFC tool that you can use is our Home Comfort Agreements. Home Comfort Agreements are a great way to protect your investment while ensuring the safety and comfort of your family. All plans include an annual system tune-up as well as discounts on all AFC services. For more information about all the Comfort Agreements that we offer, please visit our dedicated page or give us a call and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

We’ve been evolving the products and services at AFC since we opened our doors in 1888, fulfilling our customer’s needs and finding a way to provide the very best for you!

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